Yokohama Rt31/rt31+ Tires

Radial OTR E-2/E-3 Traction, L-2/L-3 Traction, E-3+/L-3+ tire. Available in Two Different Applications - the E-3 for Articulated Dump Trucks and Scrapers and the L-3 for Front-End Loaders.


  • Two advanced compounds offered - low-heat generating REG for longer-haul applications and CP-S for superior cut and chip resistance in aggressive-material handling
  • Extra large void to lug ratio
  • Non-directional tread design
  • Four steel belts
  • Buttress side protection
  • Standard Limited Warranty for Off-The-Road Tires (Mining/Construction)


  • Enables greater traction, particularly in soft and muddy terrain
  • Offer optimum puncture resistance
  • Protects against outside damage resulting in fewer sidewall snags and cuts


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