Yokohama Avid H4/v4

All-Season High Performance Passenger Car tire.


  • Optimum angle and unidirectional tread pattern combine for maximum water drainage without increasing noise.
  • Ultra-low profile tires place a heavy burden on wheels.
  • AVID H4/V4’s Rim Protector Bar helps protect expensive wheels from pothole and curb damage.
  • The AVID H4/V4’s reinforced construction and extra load designation effectively provide increased load-carrying capacity for plus size capability.


  • AVID H4/V4’s Contoured Bead Design enables better tire-to-rim fit for reduced friction, improved handling, increased durability and a smoother ride.
  • This unique honeycomb structure makes the AVID H4/V4’s tread compound stronger than conventional compounds, enabling the tire to withstand forces from multiple directions. This provides tremendous flexibility, tenacious grip and increased wear resistance.


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