Nitto SN3 Tires

Studless Winter Passenger Car Tire. Carries 3PMSF Symbol and is M&S Rated.


  • Deep, alternating inner blocks and more jagged edges
  • Large outer blocks with jagged edges
  • Wide center rib with jagged edges and a zigzag groove
  • Tapered lateral grooves
  • Four large inner channels circling the tire
  • Advanced tire construction


  • Add stability while allowing tire to dig into deep snow or slush for improved traction in harsh winter conditions
  • Increase performance while turning and add grip while cornering
  • Adds stability during highway speeds and increase traction on ice or compacted snow
  • Evacuate water or slush from the center of the tire allowing better road contact for increased grip
  • Ensure deep penetration in snow or slush for added grip and remove moisture from under the tire for reduced hydroplaning risk
  • Defends against road hazards while maintaining it's handling ability during cold temperatures


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