Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice+

Studless Winter Passenger Car tire for Extreme Winter Conditions.


  • ActiveGrip Technology: hybrid sipes + dual cap compound
  • Dual Cap Compound
  • Hybrid sipes: combination of waffle & zigzag sipes
  • V-shaped tread design with wide transversal grooves
  • Snow Grasper
  • Multi-radius cavity with small shoulder radius
  • High tread depth
  • Variable tread block angle and arrangement


  • Improved performance on ice
  • Excellent grip / traction in winter conditions and in very low arctic temperatures
  • Good dry handling performance at higher temperatures
  • Optimum grip on snow and ice over the tire life
  • Better aquaplaning and slushplaning resistance
  • Improved traction and braking in snow
  • Improved road contact on all surfaces
  • Even wear and improved mileage
  • Improved traction on ice & snow
  • Improved aquaplaning resistance
  • Quiet and comfortable ride


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