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Think of your vehicle’s belts as the chain on a bicycle - transferring energy to where it’s needed. Your vehicle’s hoses are like arteries - responsible for carrying life-sustaining coolant to the places that need it. If any of these parts stop functioning, your engine could overheat and increase your vehicle’s potential of a breakdown.

Belts and hoses will wear and break over time. By having the components examined at regular intervals (we recommend at every oil change – but check your owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendations), your mechanic can pick up on common signs of failure, and recommend a part replacement before you are sitting on the side of the road.

CJ’s Tire & Automotive’s ASE-certified technicians will visually inspect your vehicle’s drive belt(s) and coolant hoses for cracks and any other signs of abnormal wear. We will also check your belts for proper tension, because once a belt becomes worn, it may slip or become so slack that it will not function properly.

Ask our car care professionals to perform an inspection of your vehicle’s belts and hoses, if you observe any sort of:

  • Loss of power
  • Squealing or grinding sound
  • If you feel vibrations, 'slips' or 'catching'
A belt and hose inspection includes checking for:
  • Glazing, breaking, striping and softening of belts
  • Proper tensioning
  • Proper drive pulley alignment
  • Holes and splits
  • Hardening, splitting and softening of hoses
  • A cooling system pressure test to help check for cracks
  • Loose or worn clamps

Call your local CJ’s Tire & Automotive location today or click here to schedule an appointment to have your belts and hoses inspected by our certified technicians.

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