Tire Flat Repair

Tire Flat Repair

Our technicians will take your flat tire off the rim and inspect the damage both inside and out. If possible, we will then make an RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association)-approved repair before remounting and balancing your tire. If the tire cannot be repaired, we will help you find a replacement tire(s) to get you back on the road quickly.

Please note, unless the tire is only worn by 2/32nds of an inch, CJ’s Tire & Automotive recommends that you replace the un-repairable tire and the tire with the next worst tread. All two tire replacements will be put on the rear of the vehicle, regardless of where the flat was. This is for your safety. To read more about two tire replacements please click here.

Don’t let a flat tire make you feel deflated. If you have a flat or suspect a leak, come into one of CJ’s Tire & Automotive locations today. Find out more about CJ’s Guardian Protection Plan and how it can save you some money on Flat Repair.

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